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Originally Posted by Pavlos
Tragically, I don't think we'll be seeing our companions (at least from the get go) in the expansion:
He doesn't say anything about them in the part you quoted, so it may still be open. If it's supposed to be stand alone we might still see the ones who will be with you at the end no matter what you do. I think Khelgar, Jerro, Grobnar, Zhjaeve and Casavir are the only ones you can't lose. Though Zhjaeve and Jerro are probably done with you now that the KOSH is beaten, since that was their reason to ally themselves with you.

Originally Posted by Pavlos
(Your weapons and gold are gone, but youíll have many of your other equipped items still.)
Hmm, if you get to keep your inventory aside from weapons and gold there might be some point to looting all those ancient skeletons in the Vale of Merdelain after all.

Since my Warlock doesn't even carry a weapon (aside from the Silver Sword) that wouldn't be a terrible loss either way, though it probably hurts more for fighter types who've spent hours at the forge and magic workbenches to craft the most extreme implements of munchkinism imaginable.

Wonder why they're so fond of stripping you of your equipment in NWN expansions? They did the same thing at the start of NWN:HotU after all.

Originally Posted by Pavlos
While the story in Mask of the Betrayer is connected to Neverwinter Nights 2, you donít have to have played the expansion Ė the story stands alone, but players who have gone through the NWN2 campaign will recognize some references that occur in NX1.
I suppose this might be the strongest hint that you'll have to form a new party for yourself, since some of the NWN2 party members and their reasons for being with you is so strongly tied to the story. Might be good or bad, depending on how well they manage to flesh out the new characters in the much shorter gameplay time an expansion pack offers.

In the BG series where you get to keep party members between games and expansions this might be due to the two games and ToB expansion all are part of the same saga telling the same over-arching story, while the NWN games seem to go for a more stand-alone approach with different adventures.

NX1 = NWN Expansion 1 (Shadows of Undrentide), or NWN2 Expansion 1? Probably the latter.
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