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Name: Avlen Graves
Species: Human
Age: Late twenties

• Height: Approximately 5'11"
• Hair colour: Dirty Blonde
• Eye colour: Grey
• Clothing: Gray robes
• Looks-
Equipment: One silver lightsaber. The force-he looks at it as a tool.
Biography: Found young as a boy, he was raised a jedi until the age of 17 when he decided to leave his padawanship behind and instead travel to the frontlines with Revan and the rest of the jedi that went with him. It was at this time that he meets Arren Kae who he became highly close to during the war. When she died, he immediately departed from Revan’s group in search of something else…he still hasn’t found it.

He believes that he is meant for something, and that affects his decisions greatly. Also, while he did leave before Revan and his group departed and returned as sith, he still doesn’t consider himself a jedi, but instead more of a person with a tool-the force-to use to whatever benefit he thinks best. IE, he never much thinks of consequences.
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