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Originally Posted by stoffe
No evil character with an INT score above 10 would pick the second one unless they are either blinded by power and doubt their own ability to beat the KOSH, or are insane, IMO.
Lucky for my wizard he had such a high INT.

Originally Posted by stoffe
To start with a full roster of party members at the beginning of the game could make the party progression somewhat stale.
It would be easy to work around that if a previous NWN2 save isn't required (and from the comments about MotB being a stand-alone expansion it probably won't be) and they simply get rid of all the killable party members.

Originally Posted by stoffe
At least unless they implement the backlash part of Hellball this time, otherwise it will only turn your wizard into a suicide bomber unless you've put a fair number of attribute points in CON.
It'll probably be turned off on the normal difficulty setting. I think it was in NWN.

Originally Posted by stoffe
I hope the selection of epic spells, feats and abilities is somewhat more inspired than the ones in NWN:HotU, where some of the epic spells didn't feel all that epic.
A fair number of them were. Hellball, Greater Ruin and the dragon summoning spell (can't recall the name) were all quite flashy and very useful to use. Even the two buff spells, while not much in the way of eye candy, were still quite useful.

The only pointless one was the mummy summoning spell IMO. Not a very powerful creature to summon.

The spells were useful but they didn't quite seem like what an epic wizard would use - you selected them as feats and could only use them once before resting. Something like a 10th level of spells or simply more epic ones would be better IMO. (And while we're on the subject of high-level spellcasters, hopefully Obsidian will be putting the archmage prestige class into MotB. Can't have 30th level wizards who aren't even archmages)

Originally Posted by stoffe
I think Khelgar, Jerro, Grobnar, Zhjaeve and Casavir are the only ones you can't lose. Though Zhjaeve and Jerro are probably done with you now that the KOSH is beaten, since that was their reason to ally themselves with you.
Zhjave will probably be going back to Limbo, but I dunno about Jerro. He's no longer got a fortress or any demons to command, and now that the KoS is dead his life's purpose is basically over. The PC is the only person who even knows he's still alive, too. I can see him choosing to go along with him/her to Thay (especially since he can get to like good or evil players).

Khelgar might be interested in going with the PC as they're good friends, but now that he's rejoined his clan going visiting Thay is probably the last thing on his mind.

Hmm, being able import a previous savegame would be useful. So much of what your party members would want to do depends on what happened during the OC.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
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