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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
The spells were useful but they didn't quite seem like what an epic wizard would use - you selected them as feats and could only use them once before resting. Something like a 10th level of spells or simply more epic ones would be better IMO. (And while we're on the subject of high-level spellcasters, hopefully Obsidian will be putting the archmage prestige class into MotB. Can't have 30th level wizards who aren't even archmages)
There are 10th level spell slots, but no 10th level spells, so they can only be used for metamagic-ed versions of lower level spells.

Epic spells have special Epic spell slots they can be memorized in. The feat solution used in NWN:HotU was only used since they probably didn't have time to do the extensive engine rewrites needed to add Epic spell slots. Remains to see if Obsidian is more ambitious in that regard.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
I dunno about Jerro. He's no longer got a fortress or any demons to command, and now that the KoS is dead his life's purpose is basically over.
Then it's time for him to take a one-way trip to Baator to make good on his end of the deals and pacts he made. Unless the player is keen on going there as well they most likely part ways after KOSH is beaten.

Seems like the female NPCs are more expendable than the male ones. Only Zhjaeve who will stick with you no matter what.

Shandra gets killed, Elanee can abandon you to rejoin her druid circle in fighting you, Neeshka gets compelled by Garius to fight you, Qara can betray you to Garius and fight you.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Hmm, being able import a previous savegame would be useful. So much of what your party members would want to do depends on what happened during the OC.
Hopefully they will set it up similar to Throne of Bhaal, in that the game just automatically continues on to the Expansion after the normal end if you play through it, but you are also given the opportunity to start a new game straight in the expansion. Would give a more fluid experience and allow gameplay decisions to carry over to the expansion.

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