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I think you should at least be able to play as different members of the squad somtimes.[/QUOTE]
Theres a cheat for that. Somewhere or other.Try googling it, it shud come
viewbots I think, although I havent tried it.

As for a sequel:

On the way to the Star Destroyer, the larty gets shot down over Sep territory. they are captured and thrown into a jail cell with someone they thought was dead. They are stripped of their armor which is taken away. Just then, order 66 comes through but they dont hear it. The droids go bust. They escape and meet Kal Skirata who takes them along with some other commandos to Kamino where the Kaminoans remove the growth acceleration and subversion to orders. They meet up with some clone troopers who fill th em in on wat happened and they have to make the choice of which side to join. The rest you can figure out yourself( It wasn't Luke and Han who rescued Leia from the Death Star! That's PROPOGANDA!!!!!)

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