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ERROR FOUND IN GtkRadiant 1.5.0 - if you can't see some textures/shaders in game...

So I make my map. All's going well for the first few tests and then bam! I can't see some of my textures/shaders anymore. The real puzzle came when the textures appeared on some brushes and not others so there wasn't any problem with the textures themselves.

I warn you - Beware of the Duplicate!!!

Yes keep your hand well away from the space bar and make sure you only duplicate things you want to duplicate because two identical brushes on top of each other with exactly the same textures cause the brush to become invisible. Its stupid I know but took me ages to stumble across the problem so I thought I'd let people know.

EDIT: this seems to happen when a brush or set of brushes are copied and pasted from another file.

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