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Originally Posted by Tinny
Woah, I didn't know there was a cvar for reading dlls before having them zipped.
Neither did I until I noticed it in the MakeAMod_readme.txt shipped with the JKA SDK

Originally Posted by Tinny
Thanks man.
I'm a girl actually, but you're welcome nevertheless

Originally Posted by razorace
Err, well, that's great for debugging, but for actual releases, it needs to be in a .pk3 for normal people to use the mod.
Yep. Debugging was the core of the thread I think: (edit: oops, Tinny beat me to it)

How many of you after compiling delete the .dlls and .pk3s from your mod folder, pack the .pk3 of your new dlls and then run your mod? I figured out a way to just simply compiling and then immediately start debugging with the f5 button.

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