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Originally Posted by tk102
And the most moral act is therefore
Mmax = min { (∑ δxyKy : (y ∈ P) ) : x ∈ A }
In other words, the most moral action is the action that causes the least amount of distress to all other organisms, where the distress of an organism is 'weighted' so that is can be compared to other organisms.

Therefore, we have to be able to determine the magnitude of distress an organism will feel from a particular action (δxy), and we have to determine how to weigh that organism's distress in relation to other organisms (Ky). These two determinations are still a bit mysterious, but I suppose that is a different subject for analysis -- this exercise was just an attempt to define what factors need to be evaluated to derive morality objectively.

Did I miss anything? Seems oversimplified somehow, but maybe all the difficulty lies in interpreting the variables themselves.
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