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Name: Art Jed
Gender: Male
Age: 21

Personality: Art really doesn't have time to do anthing but train, has no time to play with others or socialize. No one besides his squad know him the most.

Biography: Like their brothers, the shades, this squad of 5 have been learning to use armored personal units since about 10 years old. The only difference is that they are volunteers. These five guys all the same age, were street kids wondering around looking for food. They all were thinking about joining the army but refused to do so, until they seen a newspaper ad for training in the use of some walking vehicle. They joined and have been training until now.

Strengths: being in the APU; heavy weapons(machine guns)

Weaknesses: fighting outside the APU; light weapons(pistol, sub-machine guns, or rifles)

Appearence: Art Jed

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