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S202A had remained inconspicuous, and fairly unnoticed, which worked to his advantage. To remain hidden to your allies, is to say that your enemies see you less.

He didn't have his chameleon tech. on, no, he was just quiet, and for that part unnoticed.

He had been asigned to this particular squad of soldiers, working with them to complete whatever mission had been set before them. He had followed and complied as he should; so far he hadn't fired his weapon yet, it was the new Y2, a simple title, but the military wasn't expecting to use it for any great purpose, so a simple name was welcomed.

The fact he hadn't fired HIS weapon, did not mean he had not been firing, no, he had used a heavy machine gun off of a fallen soldier in the trenches, using up the rest of the ammo in the gun.

He had followed the lieutenant as protocol dictated, and as they came to the shafts and tunnels in the dead end room, he waited for everyone to get inside, before taking flank. His weapon was what ultimately decided his position, because it was perfect for being dragged backwards through the tight tunnels, while it was too large to be carried on his back, or with him in general if he had been somewhere in the center.

As the last of the men slipped into the shaft, he sat down inside, then slipped in, backwards. He began shuffling in a rather uncomfortable position, backwards throught the shafts, watching ever-so-often to see where he was going, but ultimately viewing behind the group, ensuring they weren't being followed.

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)
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