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HD-DVDs are normal DVDs, too. The whole thing is a stupid hype over a small advance in commonly available technique, nothing more. Also, I don't think it's too useful to increase resolutions and sound-quality up to what ever, because in the end it's something that is not needed for the common or even more advanced screen experience. Okay, it is useful this time, because it's a noticeable difference for the TV sector. But we all know high resolution graphics from what we have on our computer screens, and that is also why HD tech becomes "necessary", because seriously, if you gonna watch a normal DVD via PC it visually sucks to no extend on a crystal clear TFT display due to data reduction and possible de-compression losses. But high-res is nothing new, DVD isn't either. And HDTV was introduced like over ten years ago.

Originally Posted by Joshi
The only difference being one would hold more data (more movie, more special features and so on) and one would hold better data.
You can put full HD-DVD data onto a floppy disk, if you want. That may mean you need 10 floppy disks for one pixel, and another 10 for the audio data, you still have full HD data on floppy.

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