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Originally Posted by Joshi
But we're getting off topic here.
Nah. You can store those onto BR/HD, eh!

With movies, visual artefacts are easier to see, a low bitrate for encoding a movie will show up as such in things like big action sequences or any time something is fast movie/fast changing. With a higher density in the Disc (which is really the defining factor between CD's/DVD's/Blu-Ray and HD-DVD) it's easier for there to be a higher bit-rate with the encoding.
The optimum for them perfectionists would be lossless encoding, what of course will almost never be the optimum for the distributors. And it's not only higher data density for higher bit-rates, you'll need also hardware that is capable to do the decoding fast enough and transfer rates high enough to get the information where it belongs fast enough, because if you cannot decode the high-res pictures, or fully display them as needed, the whole thing becomes a pile of mammoth barf: undefinable crap which is uneasy on the eyes.

Get a decent sound system and you'll never have to visit the cinema again (and really, apart from the good picture and sound, what reason do we have to go to begin with?)
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