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Originally Posted by Joshi
Yeah, because doing that in the privacy of your own home (where there's more chance of... more happening) is a stupid idea
Neil. Neil. Neil. It shouldn't be that hard. Go to the cinema, make out, go home, make out some more, bring her home, make out, make out, make out, make out.

You asked for a reason *aside* from sound and screen-size, I gave you one. P-E-A-R-E-E-O-U-T!

And yes, obviously the hardware needs to be good enough to decode the pictures faster so that we don't simply get choppy pictures
Not necessarily choppy, but the pictures are drawn when not fully decoded, which means artefacts, "motion blurs", etc. Choppiness comes last, when whole pictures are left out due to really, really lame hardware or media errors.

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