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Originally Posted by Kald0rei
What made me buy this game? Now THERE's a story to tell! Bear with me, this is gonna be long.
So the game came out in 98 right. I was like 9 years old back then and i was new to gaming. I was with my cousin and we were going out hunting for bargain games (i was 9, how much money would you expect i had) when we came across a software pirate. He had hell of alota games in a basket for like just a few bucks a piece. We grabbed everything that had a good cover illustration on it and i came across the name Grim Fandango. I wanst attravted to it so i didnt buy it.
We were walking home with our goods quite satisfied but somehow i felt like i should have gotten Grim Fandango. I think its it's name... it just keeps ringing in my head... Grim Fandango, grim fandango...
A few years went. I started playing Monkey Island 3 which i absolutely loved! If any of you have ever played this game, you'd remember that there was a nice reference to GF. "Don't ask me about Grim Fandango". Grim fandango.. That rang a bell. And that Skull face looked so very familiar.
Through the following years i kept noticing that skullface pop up everywhere. It was as though it haunts me everywhere i go.
I gave in, I went online and tried to connect the dots and better understand
this game. It seems to have won some highly acclaimed awards and was very highly rated. I started to regret not having bought that game earlier.
I went scouraging looking everywhere for it. Its been so long since its release that no one sells it anymore. None of my friends had it, i couldnt find it online until...
I was window shopping wiht a friend and i saw ... a reflection on the mirror... i thought it was Casablanca.. but Humphrey bogart didnt have a skull face. That was it.. And ever since... This is My Fandango.

This post is best enjoyed while listening to

Viva La Revolucion!!
Heh, for some reason when I listen to that song and read your story I picture some random person smoking a cigarette and talking into a microphone in some jazz bar, like the Blue Casket. Weird...
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