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plo koon senses the attack(course,hes a very wise jedi from the past)
Plo:liutenant,i sense a disturbance in the force
Dran:good for you,listen we've almost won this battle
Plo:we have to escape
Dran:i will stay here,you run
Plo:very well
*Plo Koon leaves to fight on another battle*
*Dran wins the war against stormtroopers on korriban,but he forgot about the sith*
Dran to rebels:i will go to the planet mon calamari.where me and the rebels will gun down the stormtroopers with gun boats,there are no sith,so i am sure we will win.the reason why i think there are no sith is because the force is weak in mon calamari,other than the fact that kit fisto fought there.
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