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While Darth Aap and the remaining 5 sith lords went to search the legendary "power of te ancient darkness", Darth Blaze went to Mon Calamari to search out what he felt. Disguised as a refugee, he used public transport to not be suspicious. The sith had to vanish until the time was there for revenge on everyone.

Imperial Space station guard: Name and visiting reason please.

Blaze: I'm Bla- i mean Richard, I'm a refugee.

Imperial: Where from?

Blaze: Nar Shadaa

Imperial: Ah i see, in trouble with high-up gangsters?

Blaze: yes..

Imperial: I have to warn you tho, the empire is annihilating some rebel scum down there, so use caution.

Blaze: Oke, thanks.

Blaze went to the planet with the public transport. When he looked out of the window he saw a group of star destroyers and some kind of massive cruiser that was sized bigger than the deathstar. It was the same thing that demonlished Korriban. He had to be extra cautious at the planet. If the rebels OR the imperials found out he was there, there was little chance he would get out of there alive. He didn't feel too worried tho. He could hide his force powers and he looked like a poor homeless guy. Not even Aap would recognise him without using the force.
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