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Drake was the first on the scene of the crash. He was heading towards his speeder to return home, when a bone shattering crash was heard. He ran over to the ship's cockpit, hoping to find someone still alive.

"Ugh..." A moan cried out from inside the sparking cockpit. Drake, upon not finding a hand hold, punched his fist into the metal and pulled back, creating a horrible metal-on-metal scraping noise. The pilot fell out of the ground and onto the landing pad, and Drake dragged him to a safe distance.

He sat down and propped the man's head up on his lap. He gave him a firm smack on the side of the face, making sure not to hit too hard. "Hey, you. Wake up." Drake said. The man's eyes fluttered open, then shut again. "Don't die on me now," he said, giving the man another slap. The man's breaths came in rasps.

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