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Originally Posted by Joshi
Honestly, I say one thing and you manage to move off onto an entire tangent. It's expected on the MI boards, but I was hoping for a more focussed discussion here (oh who am I kidding).
I was just answering to your question, so don't blame me! XP

But really, I don't expect 18 year olds or younger who still live with their parents to have an overly elaborate Home Theatre setup.
Oh, what a pity, I know a couple, and was one of them, too.

And whilst I don't generally meet girls at my home, I sure as hell don't pick them up at the nearest cinema...
Would you please stop that already? Else I'm afraid I'll have to report your behaviour, Neil, and I mean it!!!

Back on to topic.
Which topic?

Question to you all:

Where do you think technology will move to in this area? Specifically with how movies are distributed. You can already download fairly high quality (and I think HD) movies from places like iTunes and so on and with faster and faster connections becoming cheaper and cheaper for the home user, do you think it might be possible that once a nice balance has been made between a distributors standpoint and a consumers standpoint things like DVD's/HD-DVD or whatever will become obsolete? Or will there always be those (like myself) who prefer to have a physical representation of what they've bought?
I think, basically, there will always be some kind of media available to store and transport data (what kind of data that ever may be). But the way those data, regardless if communications, multimedia or whatever, will be made available or commonly distributed will be network-like, possibly based upon what we currently know as the TUM!! TUUMM! TUUUUMMM!! internet.

And if it is the latter, where do you think technology will move to in terms of things like disk space, size, what they look like and so on. Do you think technology could move so far that we could get full High Definition movies with special feature and all on something the size of, say an SD card? Would we want to?
Oh, yes. And even further.

And what about the players themselves? Exactly how big/small would they have to be and what new features could they have?
You know, things will be pretty much Star-Trek-ish or the like. You'll have some small box which will "beam" the screen where you want to in the size you want to. Audio is delivered through some new kind of speaker, which needs no speaker as we know it now. The sonic waves will be produced by direct stimulation of the air molecules via MASER, LASER or whatever. Enhanced physics ATW and FTW, yeah.

Oh, and another feature would be, that those boxes can create some kind of visual barrier, so you can, while watching a movie in the bus on your way to your over-paid job on Pluto, easily make out with the opposite gender within an ramontish atmosphere. Eh.

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