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How about something like this?

Now to be honest, this, and it's various incarnations and similar products from other companies, is kinda ugly. I'm fairly sure an external power supply would be needed for any decent viewing time and the actual picture would just be so awkward that at the moment, they're not the most essential thing in the world...

But how about the future. For years Fighter pilots have had jet readouts and so on almost projected onto their visor. This means they can still see everything around them, their peripheral vision isn't affected, but things like altitude, and other important things are shown on their visors in such a way that it looks like it's being projected a few feet in from of them. Very recent Cars have had the same thing so that readouts of speed and fuel and so on look like they're being projected a few feet in front of the car. It's really just an optical illusion, but do you think that in the future, a stylish pair of glasses could be produced to do the same thing with movies?

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