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Originally Posted by Achilles
Originally Posted by Jae
one man's pain is another man's pleasure
That is true but that is obviously not a basis for any objective system of morals.
So work in the probability stat to cover that.
Originally Posted by Achilles
I actually agree with you here. Sometimes following the moral option requires some exposure to pain or distress.

If we were to follow a mathematical model for morality, the formula might spit out a result that says the pain and distress caused by immunization would make the process immoral. Since the comparative result (disease or general illness) is not certain, our formula might lead us astray. Then again, math has never been my strong point and my reliance on conceptualization might be doing me a disservice here.
If you work in another equation that compares long-term gain over short-term distress, it would fix that problem.

Originally Posted by Achiles
Regardless, I'm pretty sure this is why all the ethics courses fall under the philosophy umbrella rather than applied sciences
But it's fun to think about this, anyway.

Originally Posted by tk
I guess you're suggesting to use a probability equation to estimate the unknown distresses of the unknown population P? Okay
I think you'd have to do that, since it would not be a simple coefficient (i.e. the amount of distress of an action is exactly the same for every single person), it would vary within the population.

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