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Jade Empire modding (see first post for info summary)

Index - useful resource links:

JE Modding tools (so far):
  • TalkEd v1.1.1a - TLK V4.0 editor for Jade Empire (for modifying all game text in dialog.tlk)

  • ERF/RIM Edit v0.3.6a - ERF/MOD/RIM Editor for Jade Empire (with correct file type associations)

  • JEFindRes v0.3a - Search tool to look for files with names matching the search pattern within all the game's BIF, MOD and RIM files (and the override folder for completeness). Allows extraction of found files and converting images from TXB format to TGA. (See this post for more info)

  • Txb2Tga v0.1a - Converts TXB textures to a TGA and TXI file to allow viewing and modifying textures and images.

  • JE DLGEditor v2.3.0a2 - Dialog editor for Jade Empire, alpha release (See this post for more info )

  • Jade Empire Savegame Editor v0.6 - A basic savegame editor for Jade Empire (see this post for more info)

  • SAC Utils - A save.sac ripper and mender in case you want to try manual GFF editing of your savegame.

Other Modding tools that work with JE:
  • Scripts can be compiled with the KOTOR-adapted versions of nwnnsscomp using nwscript.nss from JE's override folder.

  • 2DAs can be edited with any text editor if they're in 2DA V2.0 format. If they are in the 2DA v2.b binary format they can be edited with KotorTool or tk102's Excel Add-in or converted to 2DA V2.0 with my Convert2da utility.

  • K-GFF v1.2.0 and above seems to work to edit the GFF files from Jade Empire. Make sure you don't use an older version since the new data type JE uses would not be supported then, resulting in data corruption when saving.

Modding info, tutorial and how-to posts:

Released JE Mods in this thread:

* * *

Original post:

Since I just got Jade Empire for PC I thought I'd try to update my RIM/ERF editor to handle the Jade Empire files to make modding it a little easier. The ERF and RIM file formats seems to be mostly the same, though the ResType <--> File extension lookup table seems to have changed, both changing the meaning of some existing ResTypes, and adding a bunch of new file types to it.

I've been looking through various RIM and MOD files so far trying to figure out what the different files are. So far I've only been able to figure out this fairly short list. Do anyone know what other file type <--> ResType associations there are, or what the new files are used for?

Edit: Found a list, so hopefully the table should be complete now. Still need to figure out the purpose of some of the files, and what format they are in though. (Some may be leftovers from Neverwinter Nights / Knights of the Old Republic and unused in Jade Empire.)

ResType Type    Comment/speculation
------- ----    ---------------------------------------
0       RES     ???
1       BMP     Bitmap image
2       MVE     ???
3       TGA     Targa image file
4       WAV     Wave sound
5       WFX     Wave extra info
7       INI     Configuration file (plaintext)
8       MP3     MP3 sound
9       MPG     MPG video
10      TXT     Text file
11      PVD     Binary data (Pointer to Void Data).

2000    PLH     Polyhedron
2001    TEX     Texture
2002    MDL     Model data (MDL) [used along with MDX file with the same name]
2003    THG     Thing (???)
2005    FNT     Font
2007    LUA     Lua script
2008    SLT     Slot file
2009    NSS     Script sourcecode (plaintext)
2010    NCS     Script bytecode (NCS)
2011    MOD     Module (ERF)
2012    ARE     Static area info (GFF)
2013    SET     Tileset file
2014    IFO     Module information (GFF)
2016    WOK     Area Walkmesh
2017    2DA     Data table (plaintext or 2DA V2.b binary)
2018    TLK     Talk table file (TLK)
2022    TXI     Extra Texture Info (plaintext)
2023    GIT     Game Instance File (dynamic area info) (GFF)
2024    ITM     Item template (GFF)
2026    CRE     Creature template (GFF)
2029    DLG     Dialog file (GFF)
2030    PAL     Palette (GFF)
2031    TRG     Triggers (GFF)
2033    DDS     DXTC Compressed texture
2034    SND     Sounds (???)
2036    LTR     ???
2037    GFF     Generic GFF file (GFF... duh)
2038    FAC     Faction file (GFF)
2039    ENC     Encounter template (GFF)
2040    CON     Container template (GFF)
2041    DOR     Door template (GFF)
2043    PLA     Placeable template (GFF)
2045    DFT     ???
2046    GIC     Game Instance Comments (area editor comment data)
2047    GUI     Graphical User Interface definition file. (GFF)
2048    CSS     Conditional Source Script
2049    CCS     Conditional Compiled Script
2050    MER     Merchant/store template (GFF)
2052    DWK     Door walkmesh
2053    PWK     Placeable walkmesh (plaintext)
2054    GEN     Random Item Generator
2056    JRL     Journal file (GFF)
2057    SAV     Area game state data (GFF)
2058    WAY     waypoint template (GFF)
2059    4PC     Custom 16-bit RGBA texture format
2060    SSF     sound set file (SSF)
2061    HAK     HAK file (ERF)
2062    NWM     NWN Official Campaign module (ERF)
2063    BIK     BINK movie (Bink video)
2064    MIN     MiniGame data (GFF)
2065    NDB     Script debugger data (toolset)
2066    XWB     XACT WaveBank
2067    XSB     XACT SoundBank
2068    BIN     XBOX DSP filter

3000    LYT     Area model layout (plaintext)
3001    VIS     Area visibility graph (plaintext)
3002    RIM     Resource Image File (RIM)
3004    LIP     Lipsync Visemes data
3005    XMV     ???
3006    WMA     ???
3007    CWD     Crowd game object template (GFF)
3008    PRO     Projectile static resource type
3009    AOE     Area of Effect static resouce type
3010    MAT     material file (plaintext)
3011    MAB     material file (binary)
3012    QST     Quest/journal data (GFF)
3013    STO     Store static resource file (GFF) [used with MER file?]
3014    APL     Artist placeable
3015    HEX     Hex grid (plaintext) [appears to be map-related in some way]
3016    MDX     Extra model data (binary) [used along with MDL file]
3017    TXB     Compressed image with TXI data
3018    TPC     Compressed image with TXI data
3019    CAM     ???
3020    SPT     ???
3021    STYLE   ???
3022    FSM     Finite State Machine (FSM) data
3023    ART     [Weather/Light data for area?] (INI/plaintext)
3024    AMP     ??? (binary)
3025    CWA     Crowd Attribute (GFF)
3026    XLS      MS Excel spreadsheet
3027    SPF     NGF: Style profiles
3028    BIP     PATL: Binary LIP. - [lipsync/Sound file?]

9996    IDS     Legacy BG Script File
9997    ERF     Encapsulated file
9998    BIF     BIFF file
9999    KEY     Key file

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