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Originally Posted by oldflash
Maybe you have a look into .tlk files? All I want is to set description for few items.
I've made a new version of TalkEd that should handle the TLK V4.0 format used by Jade Empire. It seems to work to read and modify the English TLK file with it from my quick testing. Though please keep an eye out for bugs if you use it since I've only had time to do very limited testing. You can download it here for now. (This version only works with the Jade Empire TLK files, not the KOTOR ones.)

There is one data field in the TLK file I don't know the purpose of currently. It seems to be a 32 bit unsigned integer which is set to 0xFFFFFFFF (-1 I suppose) for the majority of the TLK entries, though a fair number of them (mostly dialog related strings) has some other value set here, and it seems each value (except 0xFFFFFFFF) used is unique and set for just that one entry.

TalkEd just lets you set this number directly (using hexadecimal notation) for the time being until someone can figure out what the purpose of this data is.

Edit: I suspect the unknown numeric value refers to names of the numbered BIP/sound files found in for example audio.bif, though I haven't been able to verify this yet.


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