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Originally Posted by tk102
stoffe, have you tried poking around in the .key/.bif files to fill in the gaps for erf extensions? I found
[url= f
this thread[/url] on Bioware's forums that references a tool that recognizes most of the key/bif extensions for Jade Empire. Just a thought.
I haven't, but the problem I can see with that is that the KEY/BIF format doesn't store file extensions either, as far as I am aware. So if the lookup table for ResID <--> File type has changed for Jade Empire tools made for other games would still output data with the wrong file extension, or no valid extension at all, since it has no way of knowing what those ResID's are supposed to be.

That the data files seems to be an even more disorganized mess than KOTOR, with files or the same type or files belonging to the same area scattered all over the place, doesn't make it easier to find all the file types that are used and how they fit together
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