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Originally Posted by tk102
It was my hope that the tool referenced above (in a broken url link, now fixed) would shed the light on some unknown extensions. A long shot I'm sure, but just a different angle to attack from.
Poked around the BIF files a bit, and while they do suffer from the same problem of incorrect/unknown file extensions I managed to figure out a few more things (updated the list in the first post).

I've made a JE version of my ERF/RIM Editor that uses the above file extension/ResType table (minus the couple of unknowns in the list) so far. While the list isn't complete it's easier to spot which files aren't properly identified when it doesn't use the KOTOR file associations.

If anyone is interested you can download it from the link in the first post in this thread. If you notice any file types that are listed starting with a # followed by a number those are of unknown types. Please let me know what file it it and where (in what file) you found them in those cases.


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