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Originally Posted by flyingosca
Can anyone tell me the best way to dispatch the Shadow Trooper I encounter in Level 17 - Cairn Dock?
If I remember correctly (and I may not, it's been awhile since I played JK II), the first shadow troopers you encounter are in that circular arena with the glass platforms all around you.

There are four ways that I've used to quickly dispatch them in the past -

1.) Jump up on the highest platform and wait for them to come to you, then pick them up one at a time with Force Grip and throw them off. I'm pretty sure it's far enough to kill them.

2.) Use Saber Throw constantly.

3.) Make quick hit-and-run attacks.

4.) Wait for them to attack first. They'll usually use strong style, so it's pretty easy to see when they're about to make an attack. When they start to strike, switch to fast style, run in, and take a quick swing while he's vulnerable.
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