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The female Stormtrooper looked down at the woman she shot, the Rebel commando she was cloned from, as the ship shook from the gunfire of attacking ships.
"This place isn't safe," she decided, dragging the fallen warrior towards the escape pods. She heard a beeping from the body, reaching for it to find it was a radio.
"Alixe, do you copy?" She didn't recognise the woman looking for her, the clone assumed it was a Rebel.
"I'm fine." Luckily it was voice only otherwise whoever was looking for Alixe would be able to tell right away that it was a ploy.
"We lost communication with you. Were you able to place the explosives?" She had to think about that one a moment, continuing her way to evacuate.
"I couldn't find a place to set them off effectively. This ship is too heavily guarded, there's someone important on board." Whoever the clone was communicating with pondered this turn of events before replying.
"That would be security when they believed you were Mothma." A lighthearted tone crept into the woman's voice. "Only a fool allows themselves to be caputred, huh."
"She gives the orders, I just follow'em no matter how dumb they are." And the clone had heard a few, not the least coming from those who served, and died, under Vader.
"We're sending in a strike force to take out the ship you're on. I'll swing by and pick you up." The clone shut off communictions with that decided, activating her locator so she and Alixe could be found on the planet below. The Rebels would not survive the trap she had laid out for them.


Jan Ors pondered her communications with 'Alixe' for a moment, thinking that somehow it didn't sound right. The voice on the other end was definetly her, she could tell that even given how bad the quality was. She wondered if maybe it was a droid she spoke to, but if it was why would it impersonate Alixe? It didn't make sense. What bothered her about it Jan couldn't figure out.
"Alixe, she radioed again, getting whoever it was she spoke to. "Turn your locator on would you?"
"Yeah, I got it." She waited a moment while it was done. "Makes sense. You reading this okay?" Listening the voice didn't seem as artificial as she heard it. Somehow that bothered her.
"Affirmative, I'll be able to find you."
"Right. Let me get moving."
"Move it then. Jan out." The voice somehow seemed diffirent, maybe it was being out there fighting that did it. Jan wasn't sure. It did make her uneasy, but the ship Alixe was on had to be destroyed, she had no choice but to go in and pick her up before it was.
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