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Darth Aap used his stealth skills to sneak into the biggest library existing and looked in some files.

Darth Aap: Ah, there it is. A starmap to the item i was looking for. It's in.. manaan. heh heh. It is said that the ''Power of the Dark Master'' power source can be used to fuel or power something for ever. It is a power source that cannot dry up. But if the artifact I found earlier is tossed inside it will react in a massive explosion whiping at least ten systems completely out. The perfect plan. We let the jedi think that I've revived more sith somehow. I'll let them think they are going to need every jedi if they want to win that fight. They all get to that position and KABOOM!!!. All jedi and the rebellion completely gone in one blow. I should be able to hyperspace away myself but the rest won't see it comming. This just can't fail.

Sith lord: A guard

Guard: Hey! Get outta here!

Darth Aap and the dark lords quickly ran away. The guard closed up the starmap not being interested in what map it was.

Guard: Stupid homeless people. Thinking of any dry place to sleep in. hmpf


Lol i'm actually doing 2 stories at the same time now
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