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Originally Posted by mjpb3
Kind of on topic here, but if someone could find a way to open the PC & NPC textures (they're in txb form) I would be ever so grateful.
The TXB format has some similarities to the TPC format used for the KOTOR games. The header is different, but like TPC it contains compressed bitmaps and optionally TXI data at the end.

Don't know if I'm good enough at this kind of programming to be able to make a converter that converts TXB --> TGA directly, but I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

Originally Posted by oldflash
I have no idea how to use a debug console or what is that
I was just looking for an in-game debug console (similar to the yellow "> " you can type commands at in KOTOR1, and the invisible one in TSL), but it doesn't seem like Jade Empire has one. Hopefully most of that can be handled via scripts instead though.
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