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Originally Posted by cfcazza

I am new to all this Scumm etc and would really like to be able to play COMI on my XP.

I have Scumm installed but cannot seem to get COMI to work. I did manage to get it running by just installing normally but it crashed after the first scene.

Would someone please be able to give me the steps i need to follow?

Also why does COMI come on 2 CD's and do you need to install them both??

I have the exact same problem. It crashes on the first scene with the map and the water swishing

I have downloaded 'scummvm-0.9.1-win32'
i instealled it and ran it, and then when open i clicked on D (CD) and so it ran inside SCUMM but chrasesd in exactly the same place as when no using SCUMM!!

I have looked at the other threads but i really don't get it >______<
i know nothing about this kinda stuff. please help o____O

haha the ear smiley is not relevant, i just thought it was amusing
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