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Originally Posted by tk102
The fwrite function is writing row by row starting at the end of the array. Think of the array as the image mirrored vertically. (Left-right is maintained but top-bottom is reversed.) I'm sorry for confusing you by saying byte-by-byte earlier.
But still something does not seem right with how I'm understanding this... In the above example each line of the image has 256 pixels... and each pixel is represented by a dword (4 byte integer) holding its RGBA value. In other words each line contains 4 * 256 = 1024 bytes, which you read from the array and write to the file.

But each iteration of the loop still only seems to back off pitch (=256) bytes. Now can it back up one row if it only backs up 25% of the data that is being read/written? Shouldn't it back up pitch*4 to get to the next line of data? Does the memory pointer voodoo deal with array elements and not byte positions in memory? I.e. it backs up pitch (=256) elements and not bytes?

Edit again: Yes! That seems to have done the trick. Seems like the utility works to convert at least those TXB files to TGA I have tested it on.


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