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Originally Posted by tk102
\o/ Yay for stoffe! Did you answer your own question then?
More or less, I figured out how to replicate the behavior reasonably using array indexes instead.

The quick converter utility seems to work reasonably well on the few TXB textures I've tried to convert with it. I've uploaded it for now in case someone else wants to help test it and determine how well it works: Txb2Tga.

Use at your own risk. It seems to work OK, but I've only tested it on a handful of different TXB files. If you encounter any file it can't convert properly please let me know which file that was.

* * *

On more general notes it seems the NWNNSSCOMP for KOTOR (at least the variant tk102 did) works fine to compile scripts for Jade Empire if you use the nwscript.nss file found in the override folder and fix the couple of syntax errors it contains.

Jade Empire also seems to use a mix of the traditional plaintext 2DA V2.0 format, and the same binary 2DA V2.b format used with KOTOR. So the binary files can be edited with KotorTool, or converted to text using tk102's excel plugin or my quick converter utility.
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