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Eh... sure, I got nothin' better to do.
Name:Smon "Bludd Ocean" Winchestortontingsworth

Smon sat at home and looked at the invitation:

"You are cordually invited to a voarding home starring all you wacky LFRD'ers! So come on by!"

"...why?" Smon said, and read on.

"Because it will make a good reality show! Oh, yeah, it's a reality show."

"...weird, but I don't really wanna go."

"It will count towards your community service!"


Smon packed his things and left, mere minutes later he was outside.

"Hey, uh, I got an invite for a reality show or something?" he said to the chaufer-ish gentleman in front.

"Ah, well here you go, just stop on in, put your feet up, relax, and hey, your room is room 42 k? 'Kay, so have a nice day good sir and joy yourself at Sta- er... our establishment!"

"...weren't you in a game with an island?"

"No! Go inside sir!"

Smon entered, feeling alienated and exempt from an obscure pop culture reference.

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