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Originally Posted by AjuntaPall316
Thanks for all your hard work, nowhere else is even close to this far for texture editing yet. But how do you get these new textures into the game now? Do you need to change them back to txb's? If so, how?
It should work to put both the TGA and TXI file in the override folder directly. Make sure there isn't a corresponding TXB file located in the override folder as well, since it will take precedence over the TGA's. Many of the player appearance textures are located in the override folder as well as in players.mod (where those in override will be used since it has higher priority than the BIF/RIM/MOD files).

I did a quick test and recolored the shirt of my character green, moved p_blossom01.txb out of the override folder and put p_blossom01.tga and p_blossom01.txi in the override folder, and she turned up with a green shirt in-game.

(I.e. you shouldn't need to remove the TXB file from within the data files for the TGA to be used, just make sure one doesn't exist in the override folder.)

Edit: I did a quick reskin of the character you mentioned as well, and it showed up fine in-game:

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