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13 and 1/2

"What do you mean I can't get a room!" said Psycho, with two katanas. one black, one white on his back.

"Sorry , no weapons allowed." said the lady at the desk.

"Damn you Ares! I just asked you for some change and you chain some ****in swords to my wrists!" screamed Psychop into the air.

"Who are you screaming at?" said the lady.

"Nobody, just the greek god of war." said Psycho.

"Hey, we're looking for a janitor, cook, ghostbuster, ninja warrior. You want the job?"

"Sure. I could use the money."

"Great, you start tomorrow at 8."

Psycho went outside looking for a place to stay and saw an over hanging, glowing roof tile and the urge to press R1.

With his new swords he flung himself up on the roof through the tile.

He saw a very large tent in good condition, and unpacked his backpack.

"I'm hungry" said Psycho as he saw a large bird on the roof and grabbed his sword.

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