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Ok I just played through this mod and it was AWESOME!... frigging finally a mod that is actually challenging to get through!

1. The mod itself was excellent, well written, well planned and well thought out.
2. The mod is harder than I expected which was a welcome relief, I say this because after playing with alot of mods your character and party can become quite powerful as opposed to playing without mods. This mod put the challenge back into the game and I loved it.
3. I had no problems running the mod from a technical standpoint. I did not encounter any glitches.
4. The mod has some interesting surprises!

Now for the cons...
NONE! The onlt thing I can say that would make this mod better would be to use TSL patcher and re-release it so theres no messing with 2da and other files.

Two thumbs up on this mod!! It truly is awesome!
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