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Deep Arrowhead Lode Map - Spoiler

I've made a Deep Arrowhead Lode Map (yes, I have no life). I went back over it a couple times to verify the amounts and general areas where the lodes could be found.
I won't post the actual map here since I wanted to keep it large so it would be printable on a letter-sized (8&1/2 x 11) piece of paper. If you print it out, make sure you set your printer to "Landscape" since the map is horizontal.
Here's the link:
Deep Arrowhead Lode Map
Now I am puzzled by two lode amounts, one in the Campfire area for 34 points and one in the swamp in the Reception Area for 76. All the rest of the lode amounts end in either 0 or 5.
Channeling my best Boyd, I wonder about the significance of those two different numbers. What do they mean? What is the government conspiracy behind them? Is it someone's birthday? 3-4-76? If you add them up 3+4+7+6 you get 20 and if you add those two digits you get 2+0=2, which could be Boyd & the Milkman. What does it mean?

edited to add: This map does not include the Deep Arrowhead lodes in the Lungfish Lair Battle areas. Besides, if you've gotten that far in the game, you should already have enough arrowheads to buy everything.

edited to also add: This map is from the PC version of the game. I don't know if the deep arrowhead lode locations are the same for all game platforms.

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