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"Oh boy, romance." Ave said, standing in the hallway watching. Zelda gave her a look. "Don't worry, the only guy for me shares my love of Ira Glass, thinks accordians are sexy, and plays a lot of Tony hawk games." She wandered into her room to find a guy just like that! Enter Mike.

"'Ello 'omeslice" he said in a fake british accent. He say at Ave's computer desk and looked up pictures of Sarah Vowell.
"Hey Mike." Ave said, stealing a Cheez-It from his box.
"LEGGO MY EGGO!" he yelled.
"But they're cheez-it's."
"Still! Mine!"
"Yeah, but those glasses make you look like a dweeb."
"Your mom is a dweeb. OWN ZONE!"
"Coming to UPN?"
"Yeah, I'm enjoying these Bonus Stage refrences."
"Good, cause I'm Keen: Eyebrow Raiser."
"50 bucks an hour?"
"You got it."
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