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Name: RED
Appearance: You find it odd, that you can look right at this individual but can't seem to keep the image in your head.
Skills:thoughthief, mojoadministrator, randomized skillset

RED: *while rocking out to some good ska vibes accidentally knocks the front door off it's hinges*

Lady at front desk (Lafran): You going to pay for that?

RED: No.

Lafran: I like your style... very well, you can stay.

RED: Huh

Lafran: you can stay here...

RED: Ooookay, how much?

Lafran: Free, where's your invitation?

RED: I don't believe in invitations.

Lafran: Excellent! You get room 69!

RED: Of course I do.

Lafran: It's the swinginest pad we've got!

RED: Well just keep rocking on then.
Oh is that a party over there?

Lafran: Of course, party down!

RED: I shall indeed party down.

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