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Darth Blaze looks up as a space battle has just started. The empire had a feeling Darth Blaze was there so he had to make this very fast. He sneaked inside an Imperial facility and downloaded a civillian list on his datapad.

Blaze: Just as i thought. My brother is still alive, and he doesn't live far away from here. I HAVE to find him. He's the only family I have left.


Darth Blaze felt good about his brother being alive, but it wasn't what he normally felt. He didn't feel this way since his parents got killed. It was partly filling up the eternal darkness in his heart that he carried with him for so much years. One thing was certain. As long as his brother was still alive, he could never completely fall to the darkside. Maybe he could still be saved. But the chance however, remained very small, as he wouldn't betray his mentor and friend Darth Aap just like that.


Meanwhile, Darth Aap had arrived on Manaan. He hired a sub and let the force guide him. When he drove through an underwater tunnle he ended up in a big cave with a big chest in the middle. He used an old force technique to unlock the chest. There was a glowing ball inside it.

Darth Aap: I found it. The Jedi will be doomed. But something bothers me. I have the feeling my apprentice is about to go through some metally tough time.


Meanwhile the Rebellion was trying to defend Mon Calamari at all costs, but it looked bad for them as the empire's leviathan was crushing the rebellion without any problems.

Okoe: WE NEED REINFORCEMENTS!!! wait a minute, did i sence something good might have happened down there that is related to the force? Ah well i'll find that out later, if there will be a later. DEFEND!! DEFEND!!!
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