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Originally Posted by tk102
I see think I understand the direction you investigating in trying to determine how a person will choose to act given his predisposition and various social factors. That goal is a bit different than what I seeking with this thread which was to determine an objective definition for morality independent of the individual and his society.
You must mean a A.I. or someone, if they exist on Earth, that has no emotions.
But that human may exist, nothing is impossible.

Or thinking outside the box, a supreme universal intelligence, for our universe?

A universal intelligence that is a compose of all the intelligence life in our visible universe.

Originally Posted by tk102
I still haven't figured out how to represent a categorical imperative into this set of equations. Anyone have any suggestions?
categorical imperative: The moral principle that behaviour should be determined by duty.

Well, this... maybe a tough one, I will have to do some structure analysis with Set Theory.

I will post if I figure this one out, tk102.
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