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Boah, Ave c'mon.. in my book it says anger and hate have to be answered with mockery and a happy dance while having a nice punch. One just cannot come here yelling about faeces a creating offspring without being actually creative with it, moreover, one simply cannot come here and tell me to "shut the **** off", hell, he might be right, but I'm afraid I'll virtually have to rip his chest open for that.

With that said, now on to the fun stuff. STEWARDESS!!

*pinpoints a canvas to Halo's forehead and dresses up as Bob Ross*

Now let's put a happy little punch here *punch* and a happy little punch there *punch*, two happy little punches in that corner *punch-punch* and something like a happy little family of happy little punches over there. *punch-punch-punch-y-punch* *punch*


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