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Each action that both Revan and the Exile took were crucial to the Republic, as stated by Kreia and G0-T0, and proven by the plot itself. Since some of these actions were gender-defined, and light side/dark side defined, the developers have to assume that one side or the other is what actually happened.
Have you heard of Canon LS and Canon DS?

Some choices are assumed to have occured, but the most important choices are left by alignment. A LS Revan would save the Republic. A DS Revan would blow it up. No need to rely on any sort of canon at all.

It is possible that, if you say in conversation that the Exile was male, then one of the characters is Brianna. It is also possible that conversation choices determine the attributes and charactaristics of each NPC, and who the enemy is. But then, what becomes the canon version of K3?
The "canon" verison of K3 would be one that would follow what is the canon verison of K1 and K2.

For example, if there is a specific villian that is formed that happens if Revan is set to LSM and Exile is set to LSF, there, that specific villian is canon and all other specific villians are uncanon.

See? Simple. Not that canon is necesseray, canon is somewhat useless, and in fact, determintal to having fun. Some people prefer a LSM Exile...or *gasp* the Dark Side.

Even if the player is allowed to choose the gender and LS/DS of the characters of KotOR 1 and 2, I still doubt that the game developers would have one of the main DS characters, and the PC's enemy, depend on these choices. It would just be extra work to program, and unnecessary when the plot could have a character that was the same no matter who the PC was be this betrayer (metephorically "Darth Traya").
But...well, they did do that. The developers thought of having Atris or Kreia be Darth Traya based on a choice made in-game (it is unknown what that choice is). They cut it, but they did have some VO for Atris acting as Darth Traya and force-choking party members hidden. Wouldn't be too much of a stretch to program in a villian based on Revan/Exile's alignment.

They determined one party member, Disciple or Handmaiden, based on the M/F choice of Exile, and determined another party member, Mira or Hanharr, based on the LS/DS choice of Exile. So, it's not that complex.

It must make sense though and must fit the plot...I think the developers cut Atris becoming Darth Traya and being the final boss is because, well, it's unneeded, and it would be better to have Kreia be the final boss. Not because of complexiety, because they don't care of that, or of canon.

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