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Sorry I haven't been able to reply for a while..... and I'm even more sorry to say that this will continue for a month or two, I am very much hoping not more than that, anyway, unless you guys plan to do something crazy with him or his faction I don't mind you using Okoe Kithoran in my absence.

*on the edge of the galaxy in Ryloth's orbit, a fleet of Super Star Destroyer sized Arrowhead shaped ships hyperspaced into the system.*

*Okoe* With these, enemy ships will not be a problem......

*These Arrowhead shaped ships were Serenity class ships (name fits cuz the Kithoran Alliance is fighting to remove the Sith and any evil in the galaxy), they were made of a special type of metal that was next to indestructable from the Unknown Regions, at the front of the ship, it was very sharp, they also had specially designed engines so they could hyperspace from one point to another in the same system if they wished, so they could tear holes in the strongest of ships without receiving so much as a scratch on their hull.*

*Okoe Kithoran* Send most of the ships to the Rattatack system, we will obliterate the Star Forge once and for all, as for the rest, I sence that those on Yavin IV are in terrible danger....

*Seventy-five of the Serenity class ships hyperspaced into the Rattatack system, the Star Forge was moments away from termination. But, about 32 seconds after the Serenity class ships hyperspaced in, a fleet of Star Destroyers with Sith symbols on them hyperspaced in on the other side of the system. As Okoe Kithoran was on the command ship amongst the Serenitys, he commanded them.*

*Okoe* They must be planning to take control of the Star Forge, Serenitys, tear that blasted thing apart!

*They all hyperspaced into the Star Forge, utterly destroying it in seconds.*

*Okoe Kithoran*Now, Let us show these Sith what they're dealing with!

*Half of the Sith's fleet consisting of 236 ships were destroyed before they could fire so much as a weapon, as soon as those were destroyed, the Serenitys shifted and aimed directly for the other half, but before they destroyed them, the command ship managed to get out this message to Darth Aap:"The Kithoran Alliance has a new weapon some sort of Arrow shaped-" and there the message ended in an explosion.*

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