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Darth Aap: Soo.. the Kithorans got themselves a new little toy. If this keeps on going the galaxy will become one big asteroid field. Ah well not my problem. But if i want my plan to work, i have to fake my death. The Jedi won't buy it if i just dissapear.

He created a message that sounded like this.
Darth Aap: Damnit! The escape pods won't work!!!!
Commander: We're crashing!!!
*Crashing sounds*
Commander: I'm, I'm still alive. Sir? SIR?!?! My god Lord Aap has been crushed!! MEDIC!!
Medic: His head is destroyed. Our great leader is truely gone.
Commander: Then, Then we are... doomed...

Darth Aap sent this message in a direction that the Kithorans would intercept.

Darth Aap: this should do it.


Darth Blaze had arrived at the home of his brother. He had to be extra cautious as a squad of jedi were deployed on the surface. Darth Blaze saw that the door was kicked down and he rushed inside to see what happened. Inside he saw his brother lying dead on the floor with a Stormtrooper next to him.

Stormtrooper into intercom: You mean he wasn't a sith lord? Ah well..

Darth Blaze was filled with the purest form of anger existing. The Darkside flowed through him like water through a pipeline.

Trooper: Move along civillian. There is nothing for you to see here.

Blaze drew his lightsaber.


Trooper: What the hell? SITH LO-

Blaze force crushed the Stormtrooper like a piece of paper and then rushed outside. A group of Dark Troopers saw him but they were no match for Darth Blaze who had gone insane. He slayed everything that looked like an imperial.

Leviathan commander: A Sith Master of some sort is slaying our forces. BLOW UP THE PLANET!! NOW!!!

Darth Blaze got back to his Sith Infiltrator just in time and he flew off.

Darth Blaze: I won't stop until they are all dead. I swear that to my brothers grave.

He flew back to join Darth Aap
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