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See, that's the thing though. No one cares what you think. Monkey Island is over man. You're living in the bloody past. Go out and get a girlfriend, hell, get two. Learn a new fncking musical instrument. I know who you are. In this virtual community you pretend to be some big shooter, but in the real world you're a nobody.

If someone actually ever does make a Monkey Island movie, they're going to do their own casting and aren't going to give a crap about any of your stupid ideas as to who should play Guybrush. Every forum it's always the same old crap about people musing as to who should play who in the movie, and if there IS a movie then they muse over an alternate cast. You think you're being creative but you're doing what thousands upon thousands of people all over the world are doing too.

I hate to piss in everyone's cornflakes but for fnck's sake people, life is happening all around you, weather in the real world or virtual, there is plenty of new things out there and you're all in here talking about the SAME thing you've been talking about for the past decade! Wake the FnCK up!
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