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Darth Blaze unfortunately ran into some imperial forces well apparently it was a space battle that stoped hes hyperspace rout because if he hyperspaced throught it, it would tear him to peices


Darth Blaze flew into the hangar and jumped out on a killing spree on all the stormtroppers there in the hangar and any stormtrooper that went to leave he would force it out of control and it would crash

Imperial on comm to main command of star destroyer: This is imperial 1123 patrolling the hangar there has been a sith that is killing everyone in the hangar it mig- oh no hes comming up here yes *imperial commanding stormtrooper* SHUT THE DOOR

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

Imperial on comm to main command of star destroyer: Ahh that will sto- HES COMMING THROUGH THE WINDOW RUN FOR IT AHH *darth Blaze speaking* show me where the main command bay is NOW *imperial* Its on the *choking sounds* on the 4th floor... theres the elevator it is made to go strait to it an- AHH *dies* *Darth Blaze* This is it now *comm broke off*

Imperial on main command: What quick disable power

Imperial: But that will-

Imperial: I dont care if we will go down just disable all power and then we will run to the escape pods

Imperial: Yes sir

l have to go see ya all

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