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Oh yeah man, theyre always petty. Like I said, I worked in a restraunt, and I mean, I would get word that the district manager was coming in, so I would make sure the store looked flawless, and they would look, and look, and look, till they found ANYTHING. Once on a 112 degree day, they asked me why the soft serve ice cream machine that was like, WWII era, was leaking...I told them because its 112 outside and 105 in the store cause they never fixed the AC, and the machine isnt made to hold liquid. And they just shook their head at me like I was a fool.

Another time I got told there was dust on the fence outside....This is in NEW MEXICO...IN THE DESERT....Where the wind blows sand and dust constantly. I actually had to make an employee clean the fence, and when the DM came back the next day, and told that employee she didnt do a good enough job because there was still dust on them, the employee quit.

Good times....Good times...DMs need to learn that people in these positions hate their jobs and are only there for income to try to live off and hopefully have enough left over to entertain themselves on days off to prevent a murderous rampage.
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