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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
That's an interesting theory except, for the fact the Exile managed to kill Nihilus, what happened then? Was the wound healed?
I deliberately avoided getting into that, because it's a major point in my speculation for what we might see in KotOR3. But suffice it to say that yes, I think it did. When Nihilus tried to "drain" the exile, he achieved the opposite effect and was drained himself. Because he's the copy, and the exile is the original. In short, the exile can "absord" what he rejected, but Nihilus cannot kill exile with his powers (though he could with his lightsaber), since he's not even a copy - he's just a shadow or, to a familiar TSL term, a "dark echo" of the exile.

Nihilus is like a mental disease or a "force neurosis" of the exile. Note how the exile doesn't even know that he cut himself off from the force, but actually believes early in the game that the masters did it to him. The exile is in denial. He denied the force, and he denied what his choices had made him into on Malachor V.

My theory sprang from a discussion about the tomb visions on Malachor. Two fo those are the exile's past, so isn't it odd that neither of those are the Malachor V battle, which is THE defining moment of the exile's life and the source of his very dilemma? It's because he's still denying it at that point and so cannot confront it.

Nihilus is a "force neurosis" that the exile has denied for a decade, but since the force is involved, the manifestation of that "mental disorder" is quite powerful. Mental diseases tend to grow more problematic and become more perverted as time passes. A decade has passed. Is it any wonder that Nihilus has grown "strong"?

He's still a unreal thing, though. He's like a "force vampire" in that he has no life of his own, and so he "drains" life (force) from others (jedi) in order to continue and extent his own existence. Just as a vampire must consume blood to exist, so must Nihilus consume force to exist.

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