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Question What?

Originally Posted by Lord Rengal
i agree. there needs to be a two player co-op version, where you could be 38 and then one of the other squad memebers (your choice). Also, I think that some land vehicles would be cool, but in my opinion, no air. Oh, and also, on multiplayer, I think there should be more totally outdoor maps, and all the maps should be available for the xbox when you are just playing someone else at your house.
don't you mean the 360...? and what do you mean, "no air"? It'd be awesome to fly a swoop bike, although copying BFI and BFII too much would really suck. and the enemy should be able to jump onto and hang on to your vehicle and shoot you to hijack it, but if they fall off, they die. And what about new weapons on the vehicle? or should it just be bigger, mounted versions of the ones we already know like the heavy repeater or the concussion...?

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