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Originally Posted by Ztalker sounds quit good, maybe even above plausible.

I just realised there's some other clear evidence as well:
If all the dialogues you just typed about the Force bonds was regarding Kreia (One of you would have to die) the Exile would have died on Malachor, since the bond he shares with Kreia is made that way. But he doesn't, assuming it was him flying the Ebon Hawk towards the Unknow Regions at the end-game.
PS: Kreia's body remains when killed!
Quite, and it also explains something about the bond between Kreia and exile. From the beginning of the game, the bond is considered dangerous because what happens to one happens to the other. So if one died, it would be lethal to the other. At least, that is the assumption, and they take it so seriously that they decide to seek out the masters to try and remove the bond safely somehow. And when Kreia turns against the exile, she threatens to kill herself - and thereby the exile - if he does not follow her to Malachor V. And yet, as you say, he can kill Kreia in the end with no ill effect. Why? What has happened between the time Kreia made that threat and had Atris repeat it to the exile? The confrontation with Nihilus has...

IIRC, there is even game evidence of this. Throughout the game, the exile has the force bond ability as a feat with Kreia. Yet on Malachor V it seems to have suddenly disappeared from his stats...

Originally Posted by Ztalker
If all those dialogues were about Nihilus, it would mean the Exile would have to die at the bridge of the Ravager. Instead, he picks up the tainted mask, and actually becomes stronger in the Force!. This supports the theory that he is actually 'bonded' with himself, hence, he doesn't die. And when Nihilus goes up in a cloud of Dark Energy, the Exile becomes stronger. Note: You can't change your alignment from this point. Does this mean the Exile is 'whole' again now Nihilus is dead?
That would be my conclusion as well. And I also find it revealing that Nihilus dissolves in a cloud of vapour. How come? None of the other Sith Lords ever do that, so why Nihilus? Because he's a rejeted "extension" of the exile that has no ceased to exist because he has been "rejoined" with his true self.

Originally Posted by Ztalker
Hmm..this theory might be woth a shot..maybe post it on Obsidian Forums? Very good thread!
Thanks. And they already know about it on the Obsidian Forums. That's where I originally made my speculation more than a year ago. Sadly that thread is now deleted there...

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